Photo: Courtesy of Enroll Wyoming

JACKSON, Wyo. — Open Enrollment is the limited annual window when people can sign up for health plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Open Enrollment period for 2023 coverage runs from Nov. 1, 2022 until Jan. 15, 2023. The health insurance landscape is ever changing, and acquiring coverage can seem like a daunting task rife with potential for confusion and frustration. That’s where Enroll Wyoming comes in.

Providing free help and guidance, Enroll Wyoming Navigators help folks make good health insurance decisions and get coverage that fits their lifestyle, their needs, and their budgets. Enroll Wyoming is a free resource to empower Wyomingites with the information and strategies necessary to make the important choices about their health coverage and navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace to get signed up for the right plans. Marketplace plans provide the same level of quality insurance sold by entities like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mountain Health Co-op on the private market, but with a far cheaper price tag.

For most, Open Enrollment is the only time for them to apply for Marketplace health insurance. Even if you think you will not qualify, please take the time to make a free appointment with an Enroll Wyoming Navigator and examine your options. Four out of five people qualify for a plan that costs them less than $50 per month! Time is limited, so be sure not to miss the deadline. Otherwise, you may have to wait another year before your new coverage will start.

Enroll Wyoming is a nonprofit organization designed to make sure Wyoming is ready for anything by providing the tools necessary for people to easily understand, explore, and acquire health insurance. There are no sales goals to hit, no commission to make, just free help for residents of the Cowboy State to get the insurance that’s right for them. For more information go to or simply dial 211.