Engage 2017 Housing and Town Zoning Regulations: Together, we’re keeping this community special.

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – One thing we can all agree on in Jackson Hole is we rarely all agree on anything. We are a community passionate about almost everything, and we are sure to let you know about it.

That’s what makes a major undertaking like Engage 2017 so impressive.

The joint town-county undertaking helped shape the future of this community with the adoption of new regulations focused on increasing and managing workforce housing in the valley. These new regulations include:

  • New zoning in the town’s residential areas (Districts 3-6);
  • New Housing Department Rusles and Regulations, determining what it takes to qualify for affordable/workforce housing; and
  • New housing mitigation requirements, obliging new developments to include affordable housing to mitigate for the employees they generate.

These updates were made possible because of you.

You and the more than 1,100 who participated in thousands of conversations. Whether through comment at one of the 30 public hearings before elected officials, at one of the 8 public engagement events held to facilitate community conversations, or through one of the 4 extensive surveys, this community engaged in the update process for well over a year.

What did all this engagement get us?

Your buy-in helped the Town and County forge a path ahead. After sifting through the many diverse opinions, elected officials and planning staff found commonalities and concentrated on the elements of the updates where we agreed. The new regulations are based on these commonalities.

Where we came together in Engage 2017:

  • Protect character in stable neighborhoods. Traditional, single-family neighborhoods with a defined character are protected by zoning regulations in these updates.
  • Increase workforce housing opportunitiesby allowing more multi-family residential near shops and services. The potential to build up to 1,800 workforce housing units was added to the Town of Jackson’s existing zoning allowances.
  • Require new residential and commercial development to provide affordable housing for the employees the development generates who cannot afford to live in the community. These new requirements will help move our community closer to meeting our community goal of housing 65% of the workforce locally.
  • Ensure a fair and transparent process for allocating affordable homes to families and residents in the community. The Housing Department now uses a weighted drawing system to allocate affordable homes to community residents.

Compromises were made by all sides throughout the Engage 2017 process, and it is those compromises that will be the strength of the new regulations moving forward. Why? Because the compromises mean the updates will keep our community special for all of us, not just a select few. Ultimately, the new Engage 2017 updates help define a clear path ahead to a better future for our beloved valley and move us closer toward achieving our 2012 Comprehensive Plan vision: Preserve and protect the area’s ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations.

Thank you residents of Jackson and Teton County for your participation, your diversity of opinions, and the conversations we have had as a community. Thank you for engaging. Together we are keeping this community special, for all of us.

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Town of Jackson

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