Results are in: How SPET shook out

JACKSON, Wyo. — UPDATE: A staff review of all materials found that one bundle of absentee ballots was not included in the initial count on election day. The ballots were counted by the Absentee Counting Board on November 6. The results of the election were not affected. Numbers have been updated to include the missing absentee bundle. All results are unofficial until after the canvassing board meets.

The results are in for the 2019 Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) Election.

Teton County voters were generous with all but one project on the ballot this year. Nine out of 10 of the propositions passed — all but the courthouse.

In total, voters cast 6,344 ballots. Out of 12,961 registered voters in Teton County, that puts turnout at 48.95% — about 3% higher than 2017’s SPET election, says County Clerk Sherry Daigle.

The proposition for new wildland fire apparatus won by the largest margins — 85.75% for, 14.25% against. Wildlife crossings was pretty popular, too, winning 78.6% of votes.

The nine projects tally up to cost an even $75 million. At the current rate of collection, it will take roughly five years to pay for them all.

Here’s how each project did:

Prop 1, Cache Creek Tube: 4,691 for, 1,536 against

Prop 2, Fleet Maintenance: 3,354 for, 2,815 against

Prop 3, Courthouse Improvements: 2,623 for, 3,490 against 

Prop 4, Recycling: 4,640 for, 1,612 against

Prop 5, Wildland Fire Apparatus: 5,372 for, 893 against

Prop 6, Gregory Lane: 3,652 for,2,516 against

Prop 7, Housing: 3,549 for, 2,660 against

Prop 8, History Museum on Genevieve Block: 3,851 for,2,352 against

Prop 9, Rec Center Expansion/King St:  3,595 for, 2,635 against

Prop 10, Wildlife Crossings: 4,947 for, 1,346  against

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