Downtown Jackson’s getting a general store

JACKSON, WY — “Where’s the nearest convenience store? Can I walk to it?”

It’s a familiar question for people who work in downtown Jackson along the Town Square. Alberton’s is hardly walking distance, and Stone Drug isn’t much better. Some day soon, responders will be able to direct people to a new Five & Dime on West Deloney and North Cache.

The store will sit right next to Local Bar & Grill, on the Town Square. It will provide travel necessities, cold drinks, healthy snacks, hats, gloves, bags, aspirin, sunscreen, local souvenirs… the list goes on.

“The Five & Dime had been patiently seeking a Jackson location for many years according,” said Terry Winchell, Realtor with Private Realty Group who put the store in contact with the Lockhart family.

Winchell first saw the Five & Dime on one of his yearly trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico and loved the local feel the store exhibited. It reminded him of his youth’s hometown general store.

Five & Dime General Stores is a small family company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The owners boast being “very conscious of local customer needs, low pricing, sign ordinances, and historic designs,” a press release said. Winchell promises there are “no plans to alter the facade of the building,” though some interior construction is necessary.

An official opening date has not yet been determined.

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