Did party-switchers affect the Governor GOP race? Foster Friess thinks so

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – In the fallout of Tuesday’s Primary vote it does appear as though a substantial number of Democrats switched parties in order to vote in state races important to them, including Governor and US Senator.

Wyoming law allows for same-day party registration as long as a voter remains in that party for at least 24 hours. Anyone switching for the Primary may switch back again anytime before the General Election or on November 6.

These RINO voters were evident in Teton County where a blue tide has been rising of late. Turnout for Democrats in the Primary has been trending upward.

2012 – 927 Dems cast a ballot
2014 – 1,605 Dems cast a ballot
2016 – 2,492 Dems cast a ballot

That number fell off this year to 1,804 Democrats showing up at the polls this year. Did they just stay home? Apparently not.

Registered Republicans participating in a Primary election was the highest in county history Tuesday at 4,122. That’s almost double the number of GOP voters that usually show up in August, and more than the highest Primary in recent years—3,463 in 2010.

So, it does appear as though many Dems in Teton County pulled on their red cape Tuesday and, as Foster Friess alleges, statewide the switcharoo made sure the conservative Jackson philanthropist did not win his bid for Governor.

In a public letter yesterday, Friess suggested, “Take heart! It took thousands of liberals who switched to vote in our primary to defeat our message of opportunity. Without their mischief, the outcome would have been different.”

Friess also reportedly circulated emails to his party peer, fellow candidate losers to feel out their appetite for changing the statute that allows same-day registration.

Democrats may also have been motivated to tamper a bit with the GOP Primary for US Senator John Barrasso’s seat. Some politicos are speculating Barrasso was able to survive a strong challenge from the well-funded Dave Dodson only because Democrats jumped in the race to support the incumbent in the belief he will be the more defeat-able of the two come November when he faces off against Gary Trauner-D.

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