DEQ: Underground tanks source of Popo Agie gasoline leak

By Associated Press

LANDER, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has determined that a Lander convenience store and gas station is the source of gasoline leaking into the Popo Agie River.

The agency says the Maverick Country Store overfilled its underground gasoline storage tanks causing the fuel to migrate into the nearby river.

The department filed a notice of violation Friday afternoon against the store for failing to make repairs that would prevent overfilling its underground tanks. The company can appeal the action to the state Environmental Quality Council.

The leaking gasoline was found earlier this month after residents reported gas fumes coming from the river. Measures have been taken to contain the leak.

According to Lander region Game and Fish officials, no major effects to fish in the Middle Fork Popo Agie River have been detected so far. Gas was discovered to be leaking into the River on April 2. Wyoming Game and Fish Department personnel waded the river on April 3 and April 8.

Many live fish were observed swimming in the areas near the leak. In addition, waterfowl were observed swimming in the river and a large midge hatch was seen on site as well. No dead animals have been observed or reported.

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