Lynn Hutchings (Hutchings for Senate)

WYOMING – The chair of the Wyoming Democratic Party (WDP) is calling for the immediate resignation of a state senator after allegations of “revolting” and inappropriate language.

WDP Chairman Joe M. Barbuto is calling for Sen. Lynn Hutchings (R-Cheyenne) to resign after inappropriate comments she made to high school students visiting the Legislature last week. The story was reported by some media outlets in Wyoming.

“Sen. Hutchings’ comments are indefensible, insensitive, and repugnant,” Barbuto said. “Her remarks were not appropriate for any audience, but that she said this to children is especially revolting. It shows a clear lack of good judgment…She must resign immediately.”

Ten high school students, members of the Cheyenne Central High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club, visited the Legislature for their annual Civics Day. Sen. Hutchings represents the district that includes their high school. They asked Hutchings to address HB 230, a bill to protect employees from being fired for their gender identity or sexual orientation.

According to Wyoming Equality, a Cheyenne-based organization focused on the civil rights of LGBT communities, Sen. Hutchings said to the children:

“If my sexual orientation was to have sex with all of the men in there, and I had sex with all of the women in there, and then they brought their children and I had sex with all of them, and then brought their dogs in and I had sex with them…should I be protected for my sexual orientation?”

Wyoming Equality has also lodged a similar complaint.

HB 230 was not heard by the House before deadline and will not be considered this session.

That issue and others have sometimes caused friction at the state capital. Last week, the Senate and House feuded over budget talks.

Senate President Drew Perkins issued the following statement today in an effort to clear the air.

“The Wyoming Senate is a wonderful institution entrusted with crafting the laws of this state through the informed and civil exchange of ideas. The Senate is made up of a wide array of Members representing a people as diverse as the Wyoming terrain; a people of varying beliefs, goals and visions for the future. As the Senate President, I am dedicated to maintaining the long tradition of the Senate as an institution where Wyomingites can respectfully express ideas to their citizen Senators and receive the same level of respect in return. I welcome all residents to the Senate and encourage everyone to share their thoughts with us all.”