JACKSON, Wyo. — Tickling the Beast at Dancers’ Workshop (DW) is hosting summer multidisciplinary arts camps!

What is a the Beast?

The Beast represents the imagination in all of us. Tickling the Beast is our commitment to inspiring your creative process and the creation of new work… Through movement, visual arts, puppetry and all art forms.

This summer, the multidisciplinary camps are organized by week, with each week offering a new creative opportunity to explore your artistic self. There are offerings for all ages!

Camps at Dancers’ Workshop Studios in The Center for the Arts will be led by Artistic Director Babs Case and DW professional staff.

Babs has also invited Guest Artist Leigh Reagan Smith of Soul Creative Academy to offer her multidisciplinary art classes in filmmaking and photography. Leigh’s camps are held at the Beast’s Project Warehouse Space located south of town, at the end of Deer Drive.

Whether you are already an artist or have never done art before… life itself is an art, so use the Beast to awaken that which you already have in you! Register now while there’s still availability!

Filmmaking Immersion

June 14 – 25
During this 2-week camp, students will write a script, storyboard their scenes, shoot with a video camera or iPad, and edit their short narrative video using iMovie. You will be supported by a commissioned actor and have your own screening at the conclusion of class! Ages 12-15.

A World We Can Imagine: Create your own Imaginary World

June 28 – July 2
Spend one week, daily, designing your own imaginary world. In this workshop, you learn concepts in movement, visual art, and creative writing. You will perform your imaginary world at the conclusion of the class! Ages 8 – 12.

Adult Camp: Creativity

July 9 – 11
Everyone is Creative! Unlock your creativity through the use of writing exercises, free form drawing, vision boards, mind mapping, storytelling, rock painting, meditation, and visualization. Harnessing your creativity assists you in any profession, whether you are a business owner, scientist, engineer or educator.

Dance Film Camp

July 12 – 16
In this one week camp, students will combine the art of filmmaking and dance. Each student will choreograph their own 3 to 10 minute dance. The use of nature, props, and costumes are encouraged. Students will learn how to film light, composition, and movement and then using iMovie, edit their video clips into a fluid and visual short film. A commissioned dancer will guide you through and you will perform at the conclusion of class! Ages 11-15.

Dancing around the World

July 19 – 23
Dance is a universal language that we all share. Each culture has its own unique way of expressing connection, story, and history. If we learn each others’ dances, we learn about each other. You will perform at the conclusion of the class. Let’s Dance around the world! Ages 8 – 12.

Photography Exploration Camp

August 9 – 13
This camp explores the creativity of vision. Students will use cameras and / or ipads to explore the outdoors and natural environment. Each day, students will develop their creative eye by looking through a lens or screen and eventually choose a specific theme for their photographs. Ages 9 – 12.