Cycling Without Age founder visits Legacy Lodge

JACKSON, WY – Legacy Lodge welcomed a very special guest into its doors last week: Cycling Without Age founder Ole Kassow.

Kassow founded Cycling Without Age in 2012 in his home country, Denmark. He wanted to bring aging folks the joy of cycling in a way that didn’t depend on physical strength and mobility — and he found a trishaw.

A Trishaw is a specially-crafted bike that is powered by a “pilot” (pedaler) and can carry up to two passengers. In it, elderly passengers can experience all the joys of cycling — fresh air, stunning views, wind in your face, etc.

Kassow told his story at Legacy Lodge last Wednesday, March 20. He shared powerful anecdotes about the program’s success. About people coming back to life on the Trishaw. About people singing and chatting and sharing their life stories.

Legacy Lodge became an affiliate last year. Their first trishaw arrived last Wednesday (pictured above), just in time for Kassow’s talk. It’s the perfect opportunity to enhance the facility’s already strong outdoor life enrichment program. On their Trishaw, Legacy Lodge residents will get to experience Jackson’s world-class bike trails and interact with nature in an intimate way.

“This project will literally be a game changer for our aging adults,” said Legacy Lodge Director of Admissions Lynnze Martinsen. “Big shout out to Kris Simpson for trailblazing this program, and to our owner Russ Peterson for approving an idea that could easily get squashed at other communities like Legacy Lodge because of the unknowns and ‘what-ifs.”

Interested in becoming a volunteer pilot? Call Legacy Lodge at 307-734-0500 or email [email protected]!

Check out Kassow’s Ted Talk:

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