Crimestoppers offers safety tips on keeping holiday season cheerful

JACKSON, Wyo. — With the holiday season in full-fledged mode, Jackson Hole Crimestoppers is reminding everyone to play it safe this gift-giving season.

Shoplifting during the holidays is a $6-billion problem for retailers nationwide. With the shopping season upon us now, JH Crimestoppers urges local shop owners to protect themselves. The first line of defense is good customer service. Greet the customers and walk the floor regularly. If would-be thieves know their presence is noticed, they are less likely to act.

Keep commonly shoplifted items in a highly visible area. If you suspect someone may be shoplifting, never accuse the person, rather, ask if you can be of assistance or “ring them up.”

Communicate with neighboring business owners about any suspicious behaviors you might have noticed. Any such suspicious behavior should be reported to local authorities at (307) 733-2331.

Online shopping or home delivery is increasingly popular for the holidays, making for easy pickings for a Grinch. During the holidays, “porch pirates” will cruise around neighborhoods in search of boxes left at the doors or residences.

Jackson Hole Crimestoppers suggest a few ways to protect yourself. Get a tracking number from the merchant. Retrieve your package as soon as possible after delivery. If you can’t pick it up promptly, have a trusted person get it. If the package has not arrived in a timely manner, contact the sender or check the tracking number. Insure the packages you send.

Jackson Hole Crimestoppers also urges residents seeing any suspicious individuals lurking around neighborhoods to report them at (307) 733-2331.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and share holiday cheer. It is also too often a time when the after-effect of that celebration finds its way onto our streets and highways. While it is unrealistic to expect parties to be totally devoid of the consumption of alcohol, Jackson Hole Crimestoppers urges holiday party-goers to prepare themselves for their celebrations by planning alternate transportation home or assigning a designated driver.

If you are hosting a party, be aware that you may be held liable if an intoxicated guest causes a car crash. Be sure you and your loved ones will enjoy a happy holiday season and New Year by keeping your celebration off the road.

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