JACKSON, Wyo. — According to St. John’s Health CEO, Paul Beaupre, four employees of the hospital have tested positive for COVID-19.

Beaupre says that the employees contracted the virus outside of the hospital and that no one, patient nor employee, has contracted the virus while being in the hospital.

“None of the employees that we have that tested positive have developed COVID while working at the hospital,” Beaupre stated.

Along with four employees who tested positive, 20 additional employees are in quarantine. With such a demand for vital healthcare workers, these cases add to the burden of an overwhelmed hospital.

Beaupre said that he encourages his healthcare workers not to go out and socialize and that the community should do the same.

“You come to work, and when you leave work you stay at home. I want to ask the community not to encourage healthcare workers to socialize,” Beaupre said.

St. Johns currently has one COVID patient but the building is 92% full. However, Beaupre assured that the hospital will still be ready if cases begin to climb again.

“We have to protect our healthcare staff so that we can continue to be available to all of you and keep our hospital functioning,” he said.

The statement was made Friday afternoon at the COVID-19 Community Update, where representatives from St. John’s Health, Teton County Health Department, Jackson Town Council, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, and the Teton Board of County Commissioners provided a community update on the virus.

At the update, health officials said that cases are starting to lower in Jackson and Teton County, but could not confirm if it is because of the mask order or other factors.

Education officials are still working hard to finalize plans this school year, but it looks like schooling in Teton County is going to provide a combination of face to face and online learning. Right now, it seems like the best thing to do is play the situation by ear.