JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton Health District Officer Travis Riddell, MD, MPH, is considering a face covering health order for Teton County and is accepting public comment on the matter through noon Thursday.

The order, Public Health Order #21-5, would require people in Teton County to wear face coverings inside businesses and government buildings, healthcare facilities, and traveling via public transit or ride share (taxi, shuttle, private car, etc.).

The public can review the health order here and submit public comment through written or electronic submissions to Riddell now through noon Aug. 26. Email comments to healthordercomments@tetoncountywy.gov.

Riddell will review public comment in consultation with State Health Officer Alexia Harrist to decide whether to issue the health order Thursday. If the order is enacted, it will expire after 10 days, or Sept. 4, unless extended by the Jackson Town Council or Teton County Board of County Commissioners.


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