CoombsFest brings everyone together

JACKSON, WY — Be it St. Patrick or mother nature, luck was on Doug Coombs Foundation’s side this past Sunday, March 17.

Skiers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds gathered at Snow King for CoombsFest, a celebration of the powerful impact the Coombs Foundation has had on the community. After nearly four hours of skiing, kids and families enjoyed food, drinks, and music on the Rafferty Terrace.

“It’s really about bringing the community together,” said Coombs Foundation Executive Director Mary Erickson. “There aren’t very many places where this community comes together with the Latino population, the skiers, the donors — the whole kit and caboodle.”

There were also Arapahoe kids from the Wind River Indian Reservation present at CoombsFest this year, which is a rare treat. Erickson said kids from the Reservation come up four times a year to ski, but it’s usually on a weekday, so they seldom get to ski with the Coombs Foundation regulars. “To have the Arapahoe kids ski with our kids today was special,” Erickson said.

In memory of Doug Coombs, a skiing legend and pioneer, Doug Coombs Foundation provides outdoor activities like skiing and rock climbing to children from low-income families who might not otherwise be able to afford such access. The program has enrolled nearly 200 kids in winter-long ski instruction programs at Snow King, taken 20 kids from the Wind River Reservation skiing for the first time, and even enrolled two racers in the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club.

The foundation’s impact spans generations. Take it from Gabi and Espi Carrillo, two Coombs kids at CoombsFest this weekend. They go skiing every weekend with the Foundation. But they have also introduced their parents to skiing, and now love to do it as a family. Check them out:


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