Comp Plan update process now in community’s hands

JACKSON, Wyo. — It’s ‘last call’ to voice your ideas, concerns, or any two cents on what the valley should look like in the coming years and decades. Updates to the valley’s master plan are in the home stretch and a 45-day review period is underway.

Over the last year, hundreds of community members have engaged in Jackson/Teton County’s Growth Management project, a process for updating our 2012 Comprehensive (Comp) Plan. The Comp Plan balances environment, community, and economy as equal priorities in setting guidelines for future growth in the valley.

Town and county electeds have spent months getting the words just right, particularly where potential growth in South Park is concerned. It’s now time for the community to weigh in before final implementation.

One goal of the 2012 Comp Plan has been build density where there is already existing infrastructure. So far, so good with that, say county long-range planners.

“Eight years into the plan, it is exciting to report that today, 60% of development in our valley is in areas with existing infrastructure and where residents can walk or bike to their daily activities,” planning staff stated. “Prior to setting communitywide goals in the Comp Plan, 60% of development potential was in areas with valuable wildlife habitat and open space. With community priorities in place, we have reversed that trend for the long-term health and viability of our community, environment, and economy.”

In addition, of the over 100 strategies adopted in 2012, more than 60 of them are now complete, demonstrating the need for updates and enhancements so long-range planners can continue working toward specific goals aligned with community priorities.

Key enhancements addressed in the draft include:

  • Aspire to Big Goals
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Emissions Reduction & Climate Action Plan
  • Provide Housing Options
  • Growth Areas and Boundaries
  • Commit to a Shift in How We Travel
  • Define the Economy We Want
  • Define the Level of Service We Expect

The draft update to the 2012 Comp Plan and a guide for reviewing it can be found online here.

Send public comment on the draft prior to the scheduled Joint Town and County Planning Commission meeting on September 14 and/or before the Joint review by the County Commission and Town Council on October 5 to Kristi Malone by email, or P.O. Box 1727 Jackson, WY 83001.

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