Photo: Wes Gardner for Teton County Commissioner

JACKSON, Wyo. —It’s November 3, and today is the last day you can vote. Community members want you to know you can count on Gardner to improve the community when elected as Teton County Commissioner.

“Wes is committed to keeping our community viable and healthy,” said Jean Lewis, the former executive director of the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum. “He will lead with compassion, integrity and a spirit of solidarity.”

Gardner owns and operates Teton Toys, and has gone above and beyond to even be on the ballot as an independent, gathering hundreds of signatures not required of the other candidates while making many new allies along the way.

“One of the most humbling and enjoyable parts of this campaign was going door to door and meeting so many kind and receptive community members,” Gardner said. “I think I knocked on 5,000 doors.”

Behind every door, he talked to a community member with the goal of learning how to better represent Teton County.

“We care about the natural wonders that make this place one of a kind,” said residents Henry Sollitt and Nikki Kaufman. “We care about this community providing for future generations, as it has for us. So does Wes Gardner, that’s why he has our vote.”

Dale Hoyt and Katie Steinberg also urged community members to Vote Wes. “We voted for Wes because of his passion, dedication, and commitment to making Teton County the best possible place to raise a family,” they said. “His transparency with ideas show us exactly what Wes stands for.”

He now needs your help in a tight race to best represent the community’s needs while balancing the complexities of tough problems like housing 65 percent of workers locally, traffic gridlock — especially on West Broadway and Highway 22 — water quality problems and mental and physical health through the pandemic.

“It’s so tempting just to vote for the letter next to a name,” Gardner said. “Please do your research and consider me before you fill out that ballot. No one will bring more passion and dedication to this position.”

Gardner is an independent thinker who works hard to ensure that his solutions to big problems work to solve the problems with win-win solutions rather than unilateral actions. He’s willing to put in the hours to find solutions beyond the obvious that benefit more people and protect the community’s interests simultaneously.

“With enough thought and then just pounding away at the problems, we’re going to find we can do so much more for this valley,” Gardner said. “Let’s work together for this community’s future.”

Gardner got more involved in the political sphere five or six years ago, starting to participate in public boards and public meetings.

“Wes is the hardest working person I know,” said Robert Nelson. “He takes the time to understand the details of the issues at hand and has the uncanny ability to simplify solutions.”

Gardner now seeks office not to earn the title of County Commissioner, but to be of service to the county he’s lived and worked in for 23 years through simple solutions like Nelson mentioned. His passion flows from listening to community feedback and adjusting his approach to better benefit all involved, both now and in the future.

“A vote for me is a vote for this community,” Gardner said. “I want nothing but to make Jackson Hole a better place to live and work.”

For a voting location nearest you, please click here. Make your voice heard by casting your ballot today from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

If having a Teton County Commissioner who will work hard to fulfill community needs, whatever they may be, please vote for Wes Gardner for Teton County Commissioner on November 3.

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