Park Rangers opened for shorthaul when rescuing climber at Hidden Falls. (C. Adams, NPS)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Grand Teton National Park rangers conducted an early evening short-haul rescue at Hidden Falls on the west side of Jenny Lake on Saturday, October 13.

Teton Interagency Dispatch received a call at approximately 4:45pm on Saturday from a bystander indicating someone had fallen and needed help at Hidden Falls. A second call from another bystander was received and additional information was communicated that the injured visitor was in the water, shivering significantly and possibly hypothermic and unable to move due to injuries.

With daylight waning, and considering weather conditions, park rangers responded to the incident via helicopter and prepared for a short-haul evacuation.

Will Levis, 25, from Rexburg, Idaho, was rescued via short-haul and transported via park ambulance to St. Johns Medical Center in Jackson. Levis and another individual were climbing the Hidden Falls waterfalls above the viewing area. They were scrambling across wet rocks when Levis slipped and fell approximately 20-30 feet in Cascade Creek.

Ambient air temperature at the time of the accident was 35 degrees. The water temperature was estimated at approximately 40 degrees.