DRIGGS, Idaho — Last week, the City of Driggs purchased a 101-acre parcel of land located on Bates Road just east of the Wastewater Treatment Facility from The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

“The City Council was looking out generations into the future when deciding to move forward with this acquisition,” said Driggs Community Development Director Doug Self. “It will support long-range plans for wastewater treatment, snow storage and stormwater management, sports and recreation facilities and provide a potential opportunity for affordable housing and other public facilities.”

This transaction is part of the Teton Creek Land & Water Project, an ongoing effort launched last year by TNC to achieve conservation and community benefits for the region. TNC’s work builds on community-based efforts that are part of a broader initiative led by the Teton Creek Corridor Project (TCC) partners, a group of local organizations including Friends of the Teton River, Teton Regional Land Trust, Teton Valley Trails & Pathways, Valley Advocates for Responsible Development and Legacy Works Group.

Typo on the map: the street to the south is W 50 S, not South Bates. Image: City of Driggs.

In October the City of Driggs was sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for its Wastewater Treatment Plant being out of compliance with its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPEDS) permit. Thirty-eight and a quarter acres of the 101-acre parcel will be reserved for future Wastewater Treatment Facility expansion needs. According to the City, the entire parcel will be subject to a wetland delineation and a master planning process that will involve the public. It is currently used as agricultural land and the parcel will continue being leased for grazing in the interim. 

“We are excited about the possibilities that this key piece of land will offer our community’s future,” said Driggs Mayor August Christensen. “It’s wonderful to imagine a lovely park and green space connecting our community with the natural beauty while also being smart about growth and planning for generations to come.”

Current and future details on this city-initiated project will be available on their website at DriggsIdaho.org/projects.

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