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JACKSON, Wyo. — More roadwork construction is slated for this summer in Jackson.

On Monday, the Jackson Town Council awarded Evans Construction Company with the contract to complete 450,000 square feet of chip seal across nine roadways. The town approved the project cost totaling $173,999. The project is being funded by the annual street reconstruction line item, included in the fiscal year 2022 budget.

According to the staff report, the project should take approximately five days to place the chips and re-mark roadways and five days to allow vehicle traffic to further compact the chips before the Town crews use sweepers to clean up the loose chips. The project is scheduled to be completed by August 27.

The roadways included in the project are:

  • The east portion of High School Road
  • Rangeview Drive
  • Corner Creek Lane
  • Lilac Lane
  • Daisy Lane
  • Cedar Loop
  • Mountain View Lane
  • Alpine View Lane
  • The south portion of Whitehouse Drive

According to the staff report, chip seal projects extend the life of a roadway up to and possibly exceeding a 40-year lifespan as compared to a standard 20-year lifespan of a non-treated roadway. Chip sealing costs approximately $0.46 per square foot, whereas patching of a roadway costs nearly $6 per square foot. Over time, it is the Engineering Department’s goal to complete sealing of all Town streets once every seven years.

The Town has received public comment in the past related to chip sealing not being compatible with some forms of multimodal transportation, particularly impacting use by skateboards, rollerblades and the like. Other commenters have expressed concern for chips exacerbating injury if a kid on a bike falls onto a newly chip-sealed street surface.

The Teton County Board of County Commissioners recently awarded a contract for the paving of the gravel section of Spring Gulch Road.

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