Charmed, we’re sure: Monica Rich Kosann to bring latest collection to Jackson

JACKSON, Wyo. — Give the gift of the sun, moon or stars… whether to yourself or someone you love. Sentimental symbolist, Monica Rich Kosann, returns to Jackson with her latest collection of talismans during designer events at both Belle Cose Town Square and Belle Cose Four Seasons.

Believing jewelry should not just be beautiful but should empower you, mean something and make you stronger, Kosann’s collections are rooted in personal storytelling. She encourages clients to choose pieces to reflect their individual journeys with each piece reflecting supreme dedication, passion and care.

Explaining what inspires her most, Kosann further elaborates, “I always loved to antique and flea market… I discovered many vintage pieces and before long I was collecting them for inspiration. My jewelry collection grew from my love for these vintage pieces. Among them were lockets — after all, I am a photographer — I loved the mystery behind lockets, who wore them, what did they hold?”, she says. “Having European parents and being first-generation American, the arts were always important in our lives. Throughout my childhood, my parents were constantly taking my sister and I to museums, art galleries, the opera, theater, symphonies… it was just a way of life.”

Monica Rich Kosann Designer Event – March 11 + 12 at Belle Cose Four Seasons and March 13 + 14 at Belle Cose Town Square. Prices start at $500.

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