Center for the Arts goes green

JACKSON, Wyo. — Center for the Arts just became the lastest Jackson local to commit to 100% Green Power through Lower Valley Energy.

LVE will now power The Center’s 2,000+ lightbulbs and appliances on renewable energy — a mix of wind and solar.

“Center for the Arts is a busy multi-use facility housing 19 non-profit organizations. Use of the facility starts early in the morning and continues until late in the evening, 7 days a week,” said Ron Gessler, Facilities Maintenance Director of The Center.

“With over 2,000 light bulbs in the multi-use aspect of the facility, it made sense to consider the Green Power program and the benefits it could provide. From an energy use standpoint, the cost of lamp replacement and labor savings helped to make the decision easy. The quality of the light is now pleasing and consistent throughout the facility.”

With its commitment to Green Power for its operations, 100% of The Center’s electricity needs will be provided from local, Green Power resources. Much of the Green Power provided through LVE is produced at the Horse Butte Wind Farm outside Idaho Falls and the Pleasant Valley Wind Farm near Evanston, Wyoming. Additional Green Power comes from several local micro-hydroelectric facilities owned and operated by LVE. The Town of Jackson and Teton County both purchase their electricity from these local hydro projects.

“It’s very exciting that Center for the Arts has joined this community-wide effort supporting renewable Green Power,” said ECW Director Phil Cameron. “As a hub for the Arts community, we’re so proud to have The Center and its 19 resident organizations now running on 100% Green Power.’ Cameron continued,

The move to Green Power is one of several energy-saving and sustainable decisions made by Center leadership in recent years. Gessler and Willi Brooks, Front of House Manager, collaborated with Teton County Solid Waste and Recycling to improve The Center’s recycling initiatives by installing sorted recycling bins throughout the building, reducing the number of weekly cardboard recycling pickups and streamlining their sorting system.

Further, with the help and funding from Lower Valley Energy, The Center has replaced a significant portion of its lighting with LED bulbs. Tens of thousands of dollars in savings from these simple changes, along with a more thoughtful boiler room and facility management, allowed The Center to purchase a new HVAC control system. The investment more than $100,000 investment paid for itself in just four years, and the control system is now saving The Center energy, time, and money.

Energy Conservation Works partnered with Lower Valley Energy in September of 2017, launching an effort to increase participation in the Green Power program. Roughly 500 residents and businesses have chosen to switch their power to Green sources in this timeframe. Any member of Lower Valley Energy can do so.

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