Campgrounds closing as GTNP wraps up season

JACKSON, Wyo. — Seasonally operated campgrounds in Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway have begun closing for the 2020 summer season and visitor services are winding down. Visitors to the park are reminded to “know before you go” and have a plan for where to stay overnight.

Camping in Grand Teton is only allowed in designated sites within designated campgrounds. Camping is not permitted along roadsides, at overlooks, pullouts, trailheads, or other parking areas. Highway 26/89/191 and areas east are still within the boundaries of Grand Teton and those who camp outside designated campgrounds in the park could incur a fine.

Limited camping options are available in Grand Teton until October 18, when all seasonally operated campgrounds in the park close for the season. Closing dates for other seasonally operated facilities within the park can be found online here.

Campgrounds in the park continue to fill daily. Surrounding USDA Forest Service camping is also filling. Visitors should come prepared with a plan for finding a campsite and have alternate plans if campsites are not available.

Hiking trails, park roads, and pathways remain open for all to enjoy. Fall is a great time to explore Grand Teton National Park. For information about what activities are available this time of year and to learn more about fall in the Tetons, visit

Along with campgrounds closing it’s also one of the driest times of the year. Visitors to Grand Teton are encouraged to “do your part” and help prevent wildfires. The fire danger for the area is currently very high.  Campfires are limited to designated and installed fire rings and/or grills. All campfires should always be attended to. Visitors could be held liable for suppression costs if their campfire becomes a wildfire. All campfires must be completely extinguished before leaving a site. Campers and day users should have a shovel on hand and a water bucket ready for use. Soak, stir, feel, repeat. Make sure your campfire is “dead out” and cold to the touch before departing. Stay informed regarding any fire conditions and follow all guidelines and restrictions.

Those wishing to backcountry camp must obtain a backcountry permit. Permits can be obtained at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in Moose. More information on backpacking in the Tetons can be found online. The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center will remain open through October 31.

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