WPLI: Protect Teton County Public Lands

Listen to why WPLI committee member John Hebberger supports a proposal that protects wildlife and the most valuable wild places in Teton County while also promoting responsible recreation.

For two years a diverse group of citizens appointed by our County Commission representing conservationists, hikers, skiers, bikers, horsemen, hunters, anglers, energy industry and the general public worked to develop a recommendations for the future of our public lands in Teton County. We debated and discussed a variety of options and proposals to meet our varied interests to safeguard this place and ensure we can all continue to use and enjoy this landscape.

Over months of hard work, pouring over maps, and talking with experts on wildlife and recreation, hearing from members of the public, the volunteer members of this committee developed a proposal that best represents a balanced approach to manage our public lands. Together, we have crafted a proposal that protects wildlife and the most valuable wild places in Teton County while also promoting responsible recreation. We have proposed that commercial timber harvest, mining and oil and gas drilling to be off-limits on our public lands here in Teton county. No one wants a new rig or a new sawmill to intrude on their favorite hiking or biking trail. We have proposed that more than 150,000 acres of public land be managed as “Jackson Hole Conservation Areas” that are intended to conserve and protect the scenic, ecological, wildlife and recreational values of these lands.

We love to walk, bike, hunt, fish, hike, ski or ride in these scenic places and this proposal ensures that. We have proposed over 150,000 acres of new wilderness areas, while carefully drawing boundaries of these areas with input from our friends in the mountain biking, dirt biking and snowmobiling communities so that new Wilderness does not exclude them from using their cherished trails. There are few places in this country as wild and primitive as the lands we have in Teton County and this proposal protects that. Overall, this middle ground proposal received the widest support from the committee members and presents a proactive, balanced future for our public lands that protects wildlife and wild places and promotes responsible recreation.

Please email your commissioners at commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov that you are in favor of this proposal and mark your calendars to show up Tuesday, October 9 at 9 am in the BCC chambers.

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