Caamp & Futurebirds team up for Pink Garter Halloween

JACKSON, Wyo. — Simplicity and songs, “stompers and bangers.” That’s the mentality for Caamp, an Ohio-based folk trio that will play their first show in Wyoming on Halloween at the Pink Garter Theatre. Twangy Southern rockers Futurebirds will open the show.

“This one should be a banger, especially with Futurebirds. They are, you know, a party band, they’re fun, so we’re going to go all out for it and for our costumes,” said Caamp banjoist/drummer Evan Westfall, whose favorite costumes as a kid were Woody from Toy Story and being a hockey player (twice).

Westfall primarily plays banjo and sings harmony, sometimes manning the drum kit while his songwriting partner Taylor Meier delivers a distinct smoky vocal sound. Bassist/harmony vocalist Matt Vinson joined Caamp in 2018, and this tour will also feature a keys player. Indie-folk ballads with obvious influences of The Lumineers and Bruce Springsteen, the group has build a strong following by simply writing hooky songs with sing-along themes and a genuine delivery. They’re slated for this year’s Austin City Limits Festival.

“Its still very much a three-piece sound,” Westfall explained. “We like to keep it simple for the most part. There’s no tricks or gimmicks to our shows, no crazy lights or fog. We just get up and play our songs and people that are there like it because they are there to sing the songs with us. Our fans just want to hear the songs. We picked up on that early on, and it feels authentic. For that reason, there’s not too much thought that goes into the instrumentation or adding more players.”


Futurebirds’ music is a patchwork amalgam of influences, including twangy Southern rock, reverb-soaked psychedelia reminiscent of early My Morning Jacket, soaring guitar solos à la Neil Young and Crazy Horse, rhythmic jangle from that other Athens band REM, multi-part vocal harmonies, and lyrical slide guitar.

Caamp with Futurebirds, 9 p.m. Thursday at the Pink Garter Theatre. $25-$59. Sold out.

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