Just after 8 a.m. today, Nov. 19, a bus #20 at Munger Mountain Elementary caught fire. No students or staff were injured and the fire was quickly extinguished. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County School District (TCSD) announced details about an engine fire in the back of a school bus this morning Nov. 19 at about 8 a.m.

Upon arrival at Munger Mountain Elementary School (MMES) this morning a fire started in the engine compartment of Bus #20.

According to TCSD, due to the quick actions of the bus #20 driver and another driver, the fire was quickly extinguished and did not spread into the cab of the bus. While fire suppression efforts were underway, Munger Mountain school staff safely evacuated students from the bus. No one was hurt in the incident.

“We are grateful to the quick actions of our staff and the students who participate in bus evacuation drills at the beginning of each school year,” said TCSD. “Special recognition to Jeff Parrott, JayJay Demtris, Joe Kravetsky, John Labrec, Kurt Cantu, Laurel Perry, Melissa Snider, Kelly Matthews, and Angela Holstedt.”

In accordance with safety protocols, all students who were outside at the time of the fire were ushered into the school and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS was called. Fire crews were able to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.

MMES counselors checked in with the students who were on the bus as well as those who witnessed the fire to ensure they were ok after the incident, said TCSD.

Busses will run as normal at the end of the school day.

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