Buckrail shines in Figure 8 Races as Tate tries for title

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Teton County Fair closed out last night with the highlight evening event: Figure 8 Races.

The sold-out show featured a familiar sight racing out front in three heats. The Buckrail 151 car piloted by longtime crash ‘em up driver Joel Tate left the field in the dust in the first heat with a first-place finish.

“The car held up well,” Tate said. “I ended up blowing a radiator halfway through that first race and everybody saw the steam pouring out of that car. But it hobbled along to the finish and we got the radiator spliced and patched a few things.”

Tate drove the Buckrail car to a second-place finish in the quarterfinals, skillfully working his way back to the front after an early race spinout. By then, though, the car was starting to “get tired,” Tate said.

In the finals, Tate knew he didn’t have the car to finish up front so he concentrated on blocking for longtime driving buddy Tim Hoff.

“I really wanted him to win,” Tate admitted.

Playing the spoiler got Tate high-centered on a berm and out of the running before the checkered flag dropped with Tanner Flanagan winning. Hoff took second and Joey Parker was third.

Still, a good night for the Buckrail 151. It ran like the news source it represented: out front fast, running lean and mean with no added bloat to slow it down.


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