BREAKING: Wildland fire threatens town, Broadway closed, Evacuations Ordered.

Official fire name is now the Saddle Butte Fire.

UPDATE 9:30 pm: Evacuations have been lifted Deer Ridge Condos/Grand Design. Saddle Butte is in GO! stage at least through tonight. At this time, no structures have been lost and no injuries have been reported. Crews will continue to work throughout the night to manage the fire line.

UPDATE 3:15pm – Resources are fighting the Virginian Fire north of the Virginian Lodge across W Broadway. The following areas have been placed into the “Set” stage, meaning they must be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice:

  • Spring Creek Ranch and Spring Creek Resort
  • Amangani Resort
  • Pine Siskin Rd

Broadway has been reopened there are no road closures at this time.

UPDATE 2:42 PM: The following areas are in the “GO!” stage and must evacuate immediately due to life-threatening situations:

  • Hillside/Deer Ridge Condos (580 and 590 Blocks of W Broadway)
  • Grand Design Building
  • Saddle Butte subdivision
Photo: Cristine Watson
Aerial view of the fire on the hillside across from the Virginian, Photo: Jo Newman

UPDATE 2:27 PM: At this time, the fire has reached the top of the butte on the North side of Broadway. Helicopters carrying water are working to put out the fire.

Photo by Clay Bradley.

JACKSON, Wyo. – Buckrail has received several eyewitness reports of a wildland fire that is burning on Saddle Butte the hillside across from The Virginian and is moving towards town. Do not travel on Broadway if you do not need to, and please avoid this area. Use Snow King Avenue as a detour to get across town. While the cause of the fire is unknown at this time, several eye witness have reported to Buckrail they heard an electrical transformer arc sending sparks into the tall grass and many have confirmed a small power outage just before the fire started. Fire crews are on scene.

April Preuss stated in a Facebook Comment – “I called it in when it was the size of a campfire. By the time I hung up it looked like this.”

Bryan Bedrosian shared this photo zoomed in on the same power line – stating “Started from some loose balloons” – you can the balloons entangled in the power lines more clearly in this photo.

Buckrail will keep you updated as we know more.

Video of fire captured by Hunter Swanson.

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