BREAKING: Judge on griz delisting says no ruling today

WYOMING – A US District judge hearing 11th hour grizzly bear delisting arguments put off an expected ruling today, saying he would rather let everyone have their say first. ‘Everyone’ included a packed courthouse in Missoula, Montana.

Judge Dana Christensen said this morning he will set aside today for comment on either side of the challenge to remove Yellowstone area grizzly bears from the Endangered Species List. Once he has heard all opinions, he promised to give his decision expeditiously.

Some six separate lawsuits from conservationists organizations have been grouped together for a comprehensive hearing taking place today in federal district court in Missoula, Montana.

The much awaited ruling is viewed by many as the last ditch chance to stall a grizzly bear hunt in Wyoming scheduled to begin this Saturday, September 1.

Montana put off a hunt of grizzly bear this season citing more study was needed to mitigate risks.

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