BREAKING: Gros Ventre River boiling with runoff, road to Kelly eroding

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Grand Teton National Park authorities have decided to close the Gros Ventre Road to Kelly. High water from the river is pounding the banks very near the road surface. The section of road affected is approximately two miles from Highway 89.

Grand Teton National Park Superintendent David Vela said, “The large amount of water flowing in the Gros Ventre River is causing some significant and accelerated erosion that may soon compromise the road. The safety of anyone traveling that road is our first priority due to how fast the erosion has progressed in the last two days.”

The river bank has eroded more than 10 feet in the last 36 hours. An area closure has been implemented around the affected location.

Residents of Kelly are asked to take Antelope Flats Road to get home. Gros Ventre Campground is still open on a first-come, first served basis. During the road closure, access to the campground is also via the Antelope Flats Road, which is approximately ½ mile north of Moose Junction. The Antelope Flats Road provides access to Mormon Row as well. There is no through vehicle traffic on Mormon Row or Warm Ditch Roads, although, bicycles are allowed.

The National Park Service will continue to monitor the situation and allow the dynamic system of the river to respond to the increased water flow. At this time, it is unknown how long the closure will be in effect and what the extent of the damage will be. It is anticipated the erosion will continue as the water flow remains high and fast.

Gros Ventre River is running high and dirty. (Phil Konstantin Facebook)

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