JACKSON, Wyo. —   For locals and visitors alike, Bodega offers something for everyone from essential grocery items to a fun Aprés ski scene. Located at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Bodega is part of the Fine Dining Restaurant Group family and brings the flair of a New York City bodega to Teton Village.

One-stop shop

The unassuming gas station is much more than just a convenience store. Open 7:30 to 9 p.m. daily, Bodega has something for everyone. For visitors, there’s no need to venture outside of Teton Village for groceries or beverages, Bodega has it all.

“I want people to feel like they can do 90% of their grocery shopping here,” General Manager Danny Reed said. For visitors staying in the Village, Bodega is the end of the road from a likely long travel day.

From lamb chops by Fall River Ranch or ribeye by Bovine & Swine, the Butcher corner of Bodega has everything you might need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try the full line-up of gourmet sausages from Bovine & Swine or bacon for a morning treat.

The Butcher corner of Bodega has everything from bacon to ribeye. Photo: Hanna Edens

Stop in and stock up on the essentials or enjoy the grab-and-go offerings for breakfast or lunch. Bodega offers breakfast and lunch burritos, coffee, pastries by Persephone, soups, and sandwiches to fuel the day out on the slopes.

Don’t forget to check out the best beer, wine and liquor selection in Teton Village.

Bodega has something for everyone from high-end wines to table reds.

Bodega also participates in the five-star promo and is running 15% off all wines today, New year’s Eve. Enroll next time you stop by Bodega and start earning rewards.

Ask and you shall receive

Walking in the door at Bodega the vibe is immediately inviting and fun, something Reed hopes to continue to foster.

“If I hear a request and it’s kind of a pattern I try to make it happen,” Reed said.

Originally from Southern California, Reed draws on inspiration from his favorite stores, like Trader Joe’s when thinking about brands and offerings.

“I’ve really wanted to step it up and make it more of a grocer with more options,” Reed said.

The goal continues to be the progressing selection in a small space. The Bodega recently upgraded their shelving to deeper taller shelves, changing the game with a larger inventory.

Local favorites

“I’m happy to support anything local because I know everyone is on the grind,” Reed said.

Currently, Bodega carries Vertical Harvest products, fresh Persephone pastries and loads of products from their sister properties, Roadhouse Brewing beer, Cream + Sugar ice cream, take-and-bake pizzas from Osteria, Bovine & Swine specialty sausages and more.

Warm-up and chill out

This winter, the warming hut is back. Taking the real estate on the side of Bodega, the warming hut replaces the food truck during the winter season.

“It’s cool to see everyone congregating again at the tables in the warming hut,” Reed said.

The warming hut is back this winter, taking the place of the summertime food truck fixture. Photo: Lindsay Vallen // Buckrail

Open all day, grab lunch with the family and warm-up or stop by for the Aprés ski scene and have one of Bodega’s famous sloshies.

The rotating sloshie menu currently includes the “Ikonic Margarita”, a refreshing tart strawberry marg. The “laid back and creamy”—imagine a boozy orange creamsicle—and the seasonal “Buddies Choice.”

Made with Ullr and vodka the “Buddies Choice” is popular among JHMR employees for the peppermint patty flavor and the legendary belief that drinking Ullr summons snow.

Whether it’s your first time or thousandth time in Teton Village, Bodega is the spot for essentials and indulgence alike.