Bo Elledge livestream from the Center, in the flesh at Silver Dollar

JACKSON, Wyo. — Singer-songwriter Bo Elledge has a love-hate relationship with Jackson Hole and he’s not scared to sing about it. The thirty-something South Carolina native has moved away twice since first landing in Teton County about a decade ago. In 2015, he moved back to Charleston for a stint. He left Jackson again last spring, then returned last month after a year in Seattle. He’ll take stage at the Center Theater this Thursday for a live stream duo set with bassist David Rice.

“My experience with Jackson has been a roller coaster ride. I love the summers and hate the winters,” Elledge laughed. “Every winter I’m like ‘why do I live here?’ and every summer, ‘this is the best place I’ve ever been.’ And that’s reflected in my songs.”

“I did a lot of growing here in my twenties and experienced a lot of amazing adventures and self reflection. I think this place breeds creativity one hundred percent. When I moved away this last time, I wasn’t inspired at all. Jackson definitely has a community that helps drive and motivate me personally. There are people here that care about the scene, interested in what you’re doing artistically and musically, and it’s a supportive place. And then you hit winter and don’t see anyone. I’m definitely tied to this place, and it’s a little tied to me in certain ways.”

Elledge co-founded both Elk Attack and Canyon Kids with longtime collaborator Dusty Nichols, and has been a staple in the regional music scene ever since. In 2018, he released Love & Good Luck, his debut solo album. Since then, he has released three singles as a solo artist—“Well,” “Pinedale,” and “Back When”—as well as a recent Canyon Kids single and video, “End Times,” which is set to drop on streaming platforms this Independence Day.

Playing the Center Theater stage has been on his radar for quite some time. Opportunities for local songwriters to perform on the stage has been limited until recently, and Elledge considers it a dream come true.

“Shannon [McCormick] has gone to bat for me for a long time,” Elledge said. “I think he’s booked me at almost every single JacksonHoleLive and I’ve been bugging him about playing the Center forever.”

Elledge hasn’t played a public gig since last April for the Under the Tram series in Teton Village, which was a farewell show with Canyon Kids. He’s been rehearsing with Rice, a sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist who also owns Jackson Hole Music Store where Elledge used to work, and the duo has been enjoying the newfound grooves.

“Even during the rehearsals, just playing with another musician is like ‘ahhh, this is how it feels!” Elledge rejoiced. “Dave and I have been instantly locked-in. He’s making my songs more fun and we’re just having a good time joking and playing together. That’s what its supposed to be, right?”

Bo Elledge with David Rice, live stream at 5 p.m. Thursday from the Center Theater stage via the Center for the Arts Facebook page. Also catch the duo 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, July 3 at the Silver Dollar Showroom.


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