Bison guy gets 130 days for his behavior in Yellowstone

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Oregon man whose ‘matador’ routine with a bison in Yellowstone went viral was sentenced today to 130 days jail.

“You’re lucky the bison didn’t take care of it and you’re standing in front of me,” US Magistrate Judge Mark Carman told Raymond Reinke.

Reinke, 55, was on a last hurrah with a friend before he intended to check into a rehab clinic for his drinking. He pleaded guilty to all counts including harassing wildlife (60 days), interfering with law enforcement (60 days), and disorderly conduct (10 days).

Reinke is also banned from Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier national parks for a five-year probationary period during which he is not allowed to drink alcohol. His planned chemical dependency treatment is now court-ordered.

“I’m sorry to the buffalo. He didn’t deserve what I did to him,” Reinke was quoted as saying by ABC Fox in Montana.

Yellowstone Deputy Superintendent Pat Kenney said, “The judge’s decision today reinforces the park’s commitment toward protecting wildlife and other natural resources as well as our visiting public. We encourage everyone to commit to stewardship of our public lands while enjoying our national parks and respecting the experiences of others.”

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