Bike share program in beta testing for the summer

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – They are hard to miss—the bright aqua bikes around town are part of an eco-friendly new transit system launched in recent days by START Bikes.

START Bikes is a division of START Bus. START will actually own the bikes, while the program will be run by Friends of Pathways. The “smart bikes” were purchased from BCycle, a company that runs similar bike-sharing programs in 43 other communities.

Each bike is equipped with a GPS tracking system and other software all operated via a touchscreen mounted on the handlebars. For BCycle, it’s all-new technology they are beta testing in Jackson. The trial run will last through September at which time permanent white bikes will replace those out now.

To take a bike for a ride, users will need to log onto where they can and create an account with a debit or credit card and download an app to their smartphone.

The bikes are available at 11 locations around town (see map).

START Bike locations

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