A grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park. This is not the bear that was euthanized. Photo: NPS // Eric Johnston

MOOSE, Wyo. — The bear is back.

The northern section of Moose-Wilson Road between Murie Ranch Junction and Death Canyon Junction is once again closed to the public due to bear activity. Officials don’t know how long this closure will last.

Motorists, cyclists, and hikers should stay off that section of road until Grand Teton National Park says it’s safe.

The southern section of the Moose-Wilson Road, between Granite Canyon Entrance Station and Death Canyon Junction is open to public access. The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center and Death Canyon Trailhead can only be accessed from the south during this time.

Park crews graded and applied a dust-abatement treatment to the unpaved section of the Moose-Wilson Road earlier today. Motorists driving the unpaved portion of the Moose-Wilson Road may want to rinse off their vehicles to eliminate any residue from the recent treatment. The product used for dust abatement is a slurry of magnesium chloride—the same product that is used to treat dirt roads in and around Jackson Hole. This product coats the road surface, but it can also adhere to the undercarriage of vehicles.

Electronic signs are located along the roadway to alert park visitors and local residents of the temporary road closure. For updated information regarding road access please call 307-739-3682 or visit the park’s Facebook and Twitter sites.