Aspiring climbers: this Via Ferrata video is for you!

We live here because we love it. We love to hike, shred, paddle, pedal, camp, and, and… But seriously, we’re not all climbers. That’s a special breed. But we MIGHT be – if there was a way to dangle from the side of the Tetons without having to actually dangle from the side of the Tetons.

Now we can all be climbers, well, sort of anyway. Thanks, Via Ferrata. Open to the public for less than 2 months, the Via Ferrata at JHMR has already seen more than 500 guests. It’s also the first in Wyoming and first on USFS/public land in North America. If you’ve heard the buzz around town or seen the set up on the mountain – time to take a closer look.

All you want to know is in this sweet vid:


Awesome. So, break it down for me

The Via Ferrata at JHMR has three different loops located in Casper Bowl area adjacent to the Bridger Gondola. There are eight routes, all guided, that range in difficulty from easy to challenging. Some that will take you 500 vertical feet up.

To help you find the right route for you, think of the three loops up like this:

“A carabiner-what?” 
Not a climber? No worries. The Approach Loop is probably your speed. The routes in this loop are more of a “practice area.” It’s super basic and you’ll get to know your equipment and some climbing etiquette.

“Hold my hand, but not too tight”
The Ranger Ridge Loop could be your thing. Half day routes and intermediate difficulty with the spectacular suspension bridge to reward you at the end.

“I’m good. See you at home.”
You’re gonna want the Casper Buttress Loop on the northern end of the Bowl. The most difficult routes JHMR currently offers will take a full day on the mountain.

I’m in! Tell me more. Glad you asked – check out rates and schedules right here.


Photo credit: Courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Adventure Partners

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