JACKSON, Wyo. — Bridger-Teton National Forest (BTNF) is reminding backcountry users to make safety measures a top priority as avy danger has increased for the first time this season.

One key pillar of safety is having the ability to communicate in the backcountry, especially during an emergency. Due to a statewide effort, that is now much easier in Teton County and across Wyoming.

Backcountry users equipped with two-way radios can now communicate directly with first responders during emergencies using channel 307 anywhere in the state.

Known as “Be 307 Aware,” the program launched last year as a collaboration between the Wyoming State Search and Rescue (SAR) Council, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and Wyoming All Hazards Association.

Be 307 Aware is a great resource for those who carry a radio in the backcountry,” said BTNF. “If you were to activate a spot or similar device calling for help, this radio frequency will allow you to communicate with your rescuers. Please be aware that this is NOT a way to call for help, though.”

To connect, using your radio, program channel 307 into the device. Though Search & Rescue teams do not actively monitor the channel, they will use the channel during incident callouts to try to connect with those who need help. In places without cellular service, communicating via 307 on radio has the potential to be a critical lifeline.

New snowfall has increased the avalanche danger to high in many areas, check https://bridgertetonavalanchecenter.org/ for more information.

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