Alpine fire offers medical oxygen thermal barriers

ALPINE, Wyo. — In Wyoming, roughly 70% of fire fatalities in Wyoming are in households with medical oxygen. In the last year, more than half of deaths in residential structure fires were in houses with medical oxygen.

Oxygen is a key ingredient for fires to grow. Medical oxygen saturates the surrounding air, allowing fires to burn hotter and faster.

Thanks to a partnership with the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office, Alpine Fire and Alpine EMS will now offer thermal barriers on home medical oxygen units to reduce risk in the event of a fire.

Alpine Fire/EMS was able to purchase the thermal barriers thanks to donations from the Alpine community. Meanwhile, the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office is conducting a state-wide Community Risk Reduction program, which focuses on installing thermal barriers.

What is an oxygen firebreak

An oxygen firebreak is a simple device that is installed inline in the oxygen tubing. If fire impinges on this device, the simple two-way valve will cut off the flow of the oxygen and reduce the spread of fire, possibly saving lives and property.

If you or someone you know uses medical oxygen and would like a thermal barrier installed free of charge, contact Alpine Fire District at 307 654 7581 or email

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