After 25 years, Snake River Brewing revamps logo, cans, everything

JACKSON HOLE, WYO — After a quarter century of brewing award-winning beers, ales, porters and the like, Snake River Brewing just shook things up in an exciting and colorful way.

SRB celebrated its 25th year if production earlier this spring. In conjunction with the milestone, the brewery announced an across-the-board rebrand that will impact the visual look of the logo, can art, tap handles, website, and merchandise.

Stylist choices for the rebrand were influenced by the brewery’s dedication to producing beer that is truly handcrafted. The new tap handle shape has been influenced by the mash paddle that the brewers use at the brewpub to stir the mash. Snake River Brewing looked to different regional artists to create one of a kind commissioned artwork to be used on the beer cans. Each piece of can art was hand illustrated or carved by regional artists from Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado.

“We like to think of every fluid ounce of beer that goes into a can like a piece of art that has been created by a labor of love. We wanted the outside [of the can] to match the inside [of the can],” said Ariel Koerber, marketing director at Snake River Brewing.

In March 2018, the process began with a roundtable with New Thought Media based in Wilson, Wyoming to lead the rebrand.

“I think when some organizations rebrand it is to show where they’d like to be after the rebrand. But for Snake River Brewing, it was about taking the time to reflect on who we are and really owning that in a way we haven’t in the past. New Thought understood that immediately. They guided us to know how to represent SRB better than we would have ever known how to without them” Koerber added.

While the visuals will be different, Snake River Brewing team is confident that loyal fans will still find familiarity in the new look.

“I believe the largest change for people is going to be the cans. They’re brighter, cleaner, and a large departure in style from where we were. But when you pick up a can, you’re still going to see Pako” Koerber assured.

Snake River Brewing will be launching their new look on the Brewpub lawn starting on Friday, May 17 at 3pm. Enjoy music by Tasha & the Goodfellows. Cans with new art will be available for purchase at a discount for this day only, along with new logo pint glasses and merchandise at the brewery.

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