Adoption Center rewarded PEDIGREE Foundation grant

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Animal Adoption Center received a $10,000 grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation in the spirit of Giving Tuesday.

Since 2008, the PEDIGREE Foundation has distributed millions of dollars in grants to organizations helping deserving dogs find forever homes. This year the Foundation awarded more than $825,000 in donations to hundreds of shelters and rescue organizations.

The Animal Adoption Center’s $10,000 will support the Say/Neuter Wyoming Program on the Wind River Reservation, where the AAC will strive to spay and neuter 2,00 animals across the state and help reduce pet homelessness on the reservation.

The $10,000 grant will help fund spay and neuter clinics on the Wind River Reservation. Photo: Animal Adoption Center

“That will essentially pay for an entire [spay/neuter] clinic,” said AAC Executive Director Carrie Boynton. One clinic can spay and neuter as many as 200 animals and provide around 300 vaccinations to animals in need.

“To have funding in place now for next year ensures we can provide this service on the reservation,” Boynton said. “We have the opportunity to work in nine different communities [across Wyoming]. We did 1,800 spay and neuters this year. This grant will absolutely help us expand our services in the state.”

The PEDIGREE Foundation is dedicated to finding forever homes for deserving animals, like these happy pups who all found homes through AAC. Photo: Animal Adoption Center

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