A deed restricted home at Schwabacher Meadows. Photo: Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

JACKSON, Wyo. — In a joint release on Monday, the Gill Family announced that 50 lots will be given to the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust. This gift is in addition to the 30-40 lots that will be gifted to Teton Habitat.

“The Housing Trust has demonstrated its ability to design, develop and manage quality affordable housing for our workforce for over 25 years,” the Gill Family said. The family’s commitment to donate 90 lots to two trusted housing non-profits guarantees that more than 250 people in the community will have stable, affordable housing.

The family intends to make further donations by pricing the remaining 110 lots below market value, in the range of $150,000 to $200,000.

Photo: Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch

“This historic gift of land has the potential to meaningfully move the needle on affordable housing,” said Housing Trust Executive Director Anne Cresswell. “Our focus is on the design, construction and management of affordable housing in Jackson. This gift of land helps ensure 50 homes will provide Affordable housing for our workforce in perpetuity. This gift is simply unprecedented.”

Gill Attorney and longtime community leader Bill Schwartz said, “Affordable housing won’t come from more planning and hiring more consultants but from the generosity and resolve of our community. Through their pledge to give 90 build-ready lots to the Housing Trust and Habitat, the Gill family has demonstrated its commitment to affordability. It will be up to the rest of us to get truly affordable housing built on those lots. I think this community has shown it is up to the task.”

The Gill Project guarantees that 200 lots in total will be permanently deed restricted. A restrictive covenant on the land requires every one of the 200 lots to be permanently deed restricted for local workers before the lot can be transferred. Those deed restrictions will be reviewed and approved by the County Attorney for full-time residency and local workforce requirements.