JACKSON, Wyo. — The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition is thrilled to announce that 19 landscaping and lawn care companies are now certified Trout Friendly!

The Trout Friendly Landscapers & Businesses are trained to create and maintain quality lawns and gardens, while limiting impacts on water quality and the environment from fertilizer and herbicide runoff.

If you are looking for a landscaping company that can provide certified Trout Friendly services, contact any of the following businesses:

In order to become certified, these 19 businesses attended a training on best practices including limiting fertilizer use, irrigation and watering, maintaining streamside buffers, soil health, appropriate use of herbicides and pesticides, and more.

The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition, a group of 10 organizations working together to protect local water quality, launched Trout Friendly Lawns to encourage water quality stewardship in local landscaping practices.

“The word is out, and savvy landscapers and clients alike are contributing to an increased demand for Trout Friendly services. It’s great to see the program continue to grow and become more established,” says Leslie Steen, NW Wyoming Program Director for Trout Unlimited, a founding partner of the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition. “We are grateful to the returning landscaping businesses that have signed up once again, and the new businesses that have joined us this year.”