15 local businesses become Trout Friendly certified

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition is pleased to announce that 15 local businesses have become certified as Trout Friendly Landscaper & Business Partners!

The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition, a group of agencies and organizations working together to protect local water quality, launched the Trout Friendly Lawns Program to encourage water quality stewardship in local landscaping practices.

If you are looking for a landscaping company that can provide certified Trout Friendly lawn care or landscaping practices, contact any of the following certified businesses.

The following local businesses are now Trout Friendly certified:

The Trout Friendly Landscaper & Business Partners program supports landscapers in creating and maintaining quality lawns and gardens, while limiting impacts on water from fertilizer and herbicide runoff.

In order to become certified, these 15 businesses attended a Trout Friendly Lawns workshop on practices including limiting fertilizer use, irrigation and watering, maintaining streamside buffers, use of native plants, appropriate use of herbicides and pesticides and more.

The businesses have adopted the Basic Level or Gold Level Trout Friendly practices at the properties they manage that wish to become Trout Friendly. The Trout Friendly Landscaper & Business program is designed to help lawn care and landscaping professionals meet the growing demand for Trout Friendly services, promote Trout Friendly businesses and certify more Trout Friendly lawns in the community.

“At its core, the Trout Friendly Lawns program encourages homeowners and caretakers to be mindful of how their landscaping activities can impact our unique ecosystem through water use, fertilization, the use of pesticides and more — right down to the plants that are selected for a landscape,” says Lesley Beckworth, Landowner Program Coordinator for Teton County Weed & Pest District.

The Trout Friendly Landscaper & Business Partners program builds upon the success of the residential lawns component of the Trout Friendly Lawns program. Individuals, businesses, HOAs and others can get their lawn or green space certified Trout Friendly by going to www.jhcleanwater.org.

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