JACKSON, Wyo. — The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition is thrilled to announce that 15 landscaping and lawn care companies are now certified Trout Friendly.

The Trout Friendly Landscapers & Businesses are trained to create and maintain quality lawns and gardens while limiting impacts on water quality and the environment from fertilizer and herbicide runoff.

If you are looking for a landscaping company that can provide certified Trout Friendly services, contact any of the following businesses:

In order to become certified, these 15 businesses attended a training on best practices including limiting fertilizer use, optimizing irrigation and watering, maintaining streamside buffers, soil health, appropriate use of herbicides and pesticides and more.

Follow these Trout Friendly practices to save water and improve water quality. Image courtesy the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition.

The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition, a group of nine organizations working together to protect local water quality, launched Trout Friendly Lawns in 2019 to encourage water quality stewardship in local landscaping practices. This year, the program expanded to include Teton Valley, ID.

“In Teton Valley, Idaho our water supply comes from the aquifer under our feet which is fed by mountain creeks and streams that form the Teton River. Residents draw from the aquifer to water lawns, which impacts the condition of the aquifer and the Teton River,” Will Stubblefield, director of community education for Friends of the Teton River said. “We are excited that Trout Friendly Lawns is expanding to the Teton Valley, where landscapers and clients alike can participate in water conservation and responsible landscaping to preserve our water resources and protect the trout that call the river home.”

About Trout Friendly Lawns

The Trout Friendly Landscapers & Businesses program builds upon the success of the residential lawns component of the Trout Friendly Lawns program. Individuals, businesses, HOAs and others can get their lawn or green space certified Trout Friendly by going to www.jhcleanwater.org. It’s free and only takes a minute!

About Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition

The Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition is a collaborative group working to improve and protect Jackson Hole’s surface and groundwater quality. Partners of the Coalition include Teton Conservation District, Trout Unlimited, Jackson Hole Land Trust, Snake River Fund, Teton County Weed & Pest District, PAWS of Jackson Hole, Friends of the Teton River, Wyoming Nature Conservancy, Wyoming Ducks Unlimited and Flat Creek Water Improvement District.