Your Voice for the Snake River Watershed

Do you enjoy floating, boating, fishing, rafting and recreating on the Snake River and its banks? If so, consider donating to The Snake River Fund during Old Bill’s.

The Snake River Fund’s mission is to promote stewardship of and recreational access to the Snake River watershed in Wyoming, with an emphasis on partnerships, education, and public outreach. As the voice of the Snake River Watershed, it is their vision that the watershed remains a vibrant and diverse ecosystem for many generations to come.

The Snake River Fund runs year-round and serves the river and its community through impact projects, advocacy work, educational programs and stewardship. In 2019, community support helped provide funding for:

    • Defending the Wild & Scenic Snake River against illegal development
    • Preserving public access on BLM parcels
    • Several native fish habitat restoration projects
    • Three PFD loaner kiosks at area boat ramps
    • Training 24 locals in swiftwater rescue
    • Three inspirational film screenings
    • An Aquatic Invasive Species prevention campaign that has reached over 250K people in the west
    • Snake River Days summer camp and the 14th annual 5th Grade Class-on-a-Raft program

Never do the opportunities to cherish, protect and recreate on the waters and banks of the Snake River end. Consider a donation to the Snake River Fund during the Old Bill’s giving season to make it possible to better balance the needs of the river and our community. Protect the Snake River for the benefit of present and future generations.

Photos by Nick Wheeler.

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