You’ll leave the theater on a high from the soul-stirring “Aroundtown”

JACKSON, WY – David Dorfman Dance gives a good-spirited shake to the way in which you see the world. And in Jackson, joy should soon be measurable on the Richter scale. Dancers’ Workshop brings David Dorfman Dance to town next week for an epic residency of dance and community, including an onstage performance of “Aroundtown”, movement classes for dancers and non-dancers, and a traveling parade with 14-ft pole puppets!

What makes this contemporary company so special? DDD is funny, curious and relatable. Unabashedly playful and eccentric, Dorfman’s dancers command the stage with explosive physicality and enthusiastic risk-taking. Their spirit of camaraderie can easily be traced back to David Dorfman himself. David, a 2019 U.S. Artists Fellow in Dance, is instantly likable and clever in your favorite professor sort of way (he is also on faculty on Connecticut College). He invites dancers and non-dancers alike to share in his infectious curiosity for movement and life in his class, Movements to Live By, at Dancers’ Workshop.

During their residency at Dancers’ Workshop, DDD will perform “Aroundtown”, a piece the company built in a creative residency at DW in 2016. Next Saturday, August 17, “Aroundtown” explores the many notions of LOVE. Expect humanness, humor, sudden tone shifts, steps that are suggestive of folk dance, animated graphics, the spoken word, and a live band on stage. From the mythical village of “Aroundtown” to our very own Jackson Hole, audiences are encouraged to see something of themselves on stage and to experience along with the dancers’ moments of strife and laughter, unity and compassion and loads of exuberant movement.


Community Partner:

Dancers’ Workshop

Dancers’ Workshop is a center for movement and dance education, performance and outreach We are a dance school, a presenter and a commissioner of new work

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