Wyoming delegation grabs congressional leadership roles

WYOMING – Immediately on the heels of winning reelection, US Senator John Barrasso-R and US Congresswoman Liz Cheney-R were appointed to congressional leadership roles. Barrasso will chair the Senate Republican Conference. Cheney will chair the House Republican Conference.

“It’s an honor be elected chairman of the Senate Republican Conference. This is the No. 3 leadership position for Senate Republicans and is tasked with spearheading Republican messaging efforts,” Barrasso said. “People in Wyoming want to know that their thoughts, ideas and concerns are being heard in Washington. This leadership position will give our congressional delegation even more opportunities to advance Wyoming’s interests on a national stage.”

Liz Cheney (R) with Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow (L) at the annual women’s antelope hunt on the Ucross Ranch put on by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation. (Liz Cheney Facebook)

Cheney added, “I’m honored to have been elected to serve as the House Republican Conference Chair for the 116th Congress. I look forward to working with Leader McCarthy, Whip Scalise and all the members of our GOP Conference to ensure we go on offense to fight for our nation’s future. The Democrats’ radical agenda threatens our nation’s economy and security. The House Republican Conference will work every day on behalf of pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-national security policies we know are crucial for the health of our country and the future for all our kids and grandkids.”

US Senator Mike Enzi-R took the opportunity to congratulate his colleagues.

“Congratulations to my friends and colleagues Senator Barrasso and Congresswoman Cheney on being elected chairman of the Senate Republican Conference and chair of the House Republican Conference. It is wonderful to have them both representing Wyoming in these leadership positions. This will help our state’s voice to be heard through the noise. I am confident they will both serve the Cowboy State, our conferences and the country well. These choices, first by the people of Wyoming and then by other members of Congress, make a strong Wyoming delegation even stronger. I doubt that any other state has that much clout. It’s really something for one state to be in this position, but we’ve earned it.”

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