JACKSON, Wyo. — This week, construction crews will begin work on the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum’s (JHHSM) new campus by preparing the site at the corner of Broadway and Willow.

One priority for JHHSM has been to relocate the house that currently occupies the site for continued use as a residence. With the help of Shacks on Racks, preparations to move the structure to Star Valley have begun.

“While we can’t disclose who will occupy the house, we’re so happy that it will stay in the region and continue to be a family home,” said JHHSM Executive Director Morgan Jaouen.

In preparation for the move, museum staff have been documenting memories of the home from the Stewart and Rooks families who used to live there. The two families are descendants of Roy and Genevieve Van Vleck, who first settled on the block.

Genevieve served on the all-women’s Town Council from 1920 to 1923, while Roy opened one of Jackson’s first mercantiles and served as the town mortician. Their daughter Jean and her husband, Bob Stewart, built the house, also known as the “red house,” around 1950.

Over the years, the red house held an insurance company, and many weddings were performed at the site by Stewart. The Stewart family’s annual Christmas light display called Tiny Town was also a local favorite. After the family sold the property, the Tiny Town holiday tradition continued in the Gill Addition neighborhood.

“This special location on the historic Van Vleck Block has a history of bringing together family, friends and community. We’re honored to continue that tradition at the new history museum,” said Jaouen. “We’re also grateful to be entering the final phase of our fundraising efforts and look forward to welcoming everyone in the community to the new history museum in 2024.”

Julie Ellison is a writer and photographer based in Victor, Idaho. She seeks out stories that reflect the unique social issues of this region and elevate the fascinating individuals who live here. Her favorite things are coffee, reading, climbing, bikes, and dogs.