Work begins on Blind Bull Landslide in the Greys

STAR VALLEY, WYO – Work has begun on the Blind Bull Landslide on the Greys River Ranger District near Afton, Wyoming.

AAA building services, along with local subcontractor Kilroy LLC based in Afton, was awarded the repair contract for the work. The slide is not the same as the Porcupine Landslide that occurred earlier this year, though this is the same contractor who is repairing the damage done there.

Already in place for the earthwork is a D-8 bulldozed, and a large excavator. Contractors have currently cut 100-yards into the landslide for the initial road replacement. The new road alignment was flagged on the ground by the contractor and work will continue as long as weather and conditions allow.

“The goal is to get a permanent road repair installed this year,” said Greys River District Ranger Justin Laycock. Approximately 2/10 of a mile of road will be replaced.

After the road is installed, winter grooming would be resumed. Unforeseen environmental conditions could delay road construction including the discovery of unstable areas within the landslide, springs or sources of moisture.

Between June 4 and 6, 2017 a large landslide took out a portion of the Blind Bull road making it impassable. An emergency closure was put in place while an assessment of the damage was completed. Initially an emergency repair was being considered, however after multiple assessments completed by Forest Engineers and partner entities, the landslide was determined to be highly unstable until recently.

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