Wired: Wyoming is perfect for supercomputers

WYOMING – With all the talk of economic diversification, including Gov. Matt Mead’s new ENDOW initiative, technology has been one topic to surface again and again. And indeed, Wyoming has taken steps in recent years to attract high tech.

Microsoft has invested $750 million data centers in the Cheyenne area, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research has also built a supercomputer.

Last week, Wired, a national tech publication post a story titled “Why You Should Put Your Supercomputer in Wyoming.”

“Turns out, Wyoming’s climate, tax code, and utility infrastructure make it appealing to people who want to put a whole lot of processing units in really big rooms,” the author writes.

We’ve got one of the coldest average temperatures in country, which drastically cuts down on cooling costs for these massive computers. Check out the whole story.

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