WASHINGTON D.C. — A White House initiative to mail free COVID-19 tests to U.S. households has launched a day early, and you can start ordering your tests today.

Tests are ordered and shipped through the United States Postal Service. Households in the United States can order one kit of four tests per residential address, regardless of household size, according to the site.

The site “formally” launches tomorrow, Jan. 19, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the site is in “beta testing” and will begin accepting orders today. Orders will ship in seven to 12 days, according to the website.

Tests are completely free, including shipping — you should not need to enter any credit card information to receive your tests.

If you need a test sooner, there are still three Curative testing sites operating in Teton County: one at the library, one at Stilson, and one in the Kmart/Target Plaza next to Subway. The library and Stilson Lot kiosks offer RT-qPCR tests and generally offer resulsts within one to two days after arrival at the lab. People who are asymptomatic, recently exposed but with no symptoms, traveling or testing for administrative purposes should test at the library or Stilson.

Vault tests are also still available through the state. Wyoming residents can order vault tests to be mailed to their home for free.

The Biden administration is also requiring private insurers to cover the cost of eight at-home rapid tests per insured person per month.

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