Weather on the way merits cautious Thanksgiving driving

WYOMING – The State of Wyoming houses what are considered among the nation’s most dangerous roadways. The region’s pass roads alone highlight the reality that high country transit can be slippery-at-best, and winter weather is on its way.

Only yesterday, light snow at Togwotee Pass lead to a roll-over requiring tow extraction. Driver and their pet-passenger were not harmed. Yet the incident doubles as valuable reminder to practice extra caution while road-bound through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Jackson’s friends at roadside service, Ron’s Towing responded promptly to the scene, retrieving safely driver, dog, vehicle, and a bit of well-scattered property.

Advisory from Wyoming Department of Transportation for the Jackson area indicates conditions ranging  “slick” to “Falling Rock, Black Ice,” and for those traveling farther afield US Interstate 8o is experiencing road closure due to “Winter Conditions and Crashes.”

A look at conditions today:

Information courtesy of WYDOT.



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